How does a professional resume-writing service benefit me?

Our services provide you with the unique opportunity to receive a free resume evaluation, and professional assistance in crafting a unique, professional, and modern resume that will best showcase your key skills and tell your career story.

Does everyone need professional resume-writing services?

No, not everyone needs professional help with their resume. Our experts will review your resume and will determine whether it successfully showcases your skills and is formatted adequately. We will certainly let you know if your resume is already in good shape.

How does the resume-writing process work?

You will be matched with a writer with specific expertise in your filed of work. Your writer will use the background information you provide to craft and deliver a first draft within about one week from assignment. Then, you'll have another week to provide feedback to your writer, with up to two rounds of revisions. The entire process typically takes one to two weeks. We use the expert knowledge of our resume writers, to determine how to optimize your resume and make it more effective.

How do I collaborate with my resume writer?

Our resume-writing process is a collaborative effort between our writer and the client. We use the client’s original uploaded, along with the additional information provided in the sign-up questionnaire as primary sources of information. If you don’t have a resume you don’t have to worry, your assigned writer can send you a form to fill out that will provide all the information that we need to get started. Once this has been provided, your writer will work on a first draft for your review within about a week. Then, you'll have another week to provide feedback to your writer, with up to two rounds of revisions.

Does All Pro Resume provide resume writing services for all types of specialized fields?

Yes, our expert writers are certified in 50+ industries across corporate, military, federal, and academic sectors. They are proficient in all current resume writing best practices and are able to translate experience across different industries.

What are the qualifications of All Pro Resume writers?

We have a network of writers that includes former and current hiring managers, HR professionals, recruiters, and professionals with specialized experience in 50+ industries. Because of this, we are able to match each client with an expert who is a perfect fit for their custom needs. We screen and recruit our writers based on the value they can bring to our clients.

Do you work with clients in all stages of their careers?

Yes. Our team is well equipped to assist clients across all experience levels, from young professionals just getting started out of school, to working professionals with many years of experience. Our client base includes students, scientists, medical professionals, proficient business executives, academics, and government employees, to name a few.

Do you offer expedited service?

Yes, if you are in a hurry and need your resume faster, we can accommodate rush orders for an additional fee. You can select the option of your choice at checkout.

Do you offer assistance with writing a LinkedIn profile?

Yes, we can also deliver a LinkedIn profile document that is a companion to your resume, and written in a more conversational style appropriate for social media platforms. Because we respect your privacy we will not directly access your LinkedIn account. We provide a document with information that you can copy and paste into your profile easily. You can select to add a LinkedIn document during checkout, for an additional fee.